Recycling Programs

Recycle your Printer Fuser, Projector, Projector Lamp or 3D Printer keeping them out of landfills.

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Projector Lamp Buyback Program

Projector lamps (also called projector bulbs or projector light bulbs) last for 1000 to 6000 hours after installation.

NDR re-manufactures projector lamps that use UHP type (both AC and DC) burners in a process called EcoLamping. Most projectors manufactured for educational institutions, businesses and home theaters use a UHP type burner. About 90% of the lamps we receive can be serviced or recycled. If you aren’t sure if yours can be recycled or EcoLamped email or call (845) 360-2300 today.

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Fuser Core Buyback Program

NDR is committed to recycling fuser cores and keeping them out of landfills while putting cash in your pocket with NDR's buyback program.

Contact us today, to receive up to $50 for your fuser core (actual core price depends on fuser type, condition and shipping expense).

We have an immediate need for these fuser cores (core prices vary):

Konica Minolta Toshiba

Email or call (845) 360-2300 to get cash for your cores today!

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Projector Recycling and Consignment

If you recently upgraded your projector technology join in National Depot Repair's Green Initiative and recycle your old technology with NDR. National Depot Repair will accept most any brand and model of projector and offers certified recycling services for Peace of Mind and assurance this technology did not end up in a landfill.

If your upgrade leaves you with working projectors that are no longer needed, consider consigning this inventory to NDR for resale and put money back into your budget. NDR reconditions working projectors and offers them for sale on this website. We share the revenue from projector sales with our consignees and regularly beat auction or salvage sale values. Repurposing projectors is good for the environment and can be good for you too. Contact NDR @ 804-307-4472 now to speak with our Recycling and Consignment Sales professional.

Certified Recycling and Component Harvesting

Highly Efficient Solutions to environmental compliance, salvage and recycling in one place here at National Depot Repair

NDR supports your business’ internal compliance programs and environmental best practices, by focusing on maximizing value and a financial return on your assets. We achieve this by offering a comprehensive solution for proper disposal and recycling of electronic components.

NDR Life Cycle Services collects thousands of expended, used, damaged, and surplus electronic products and consumables annually including print cartridges, imaging units, fusers, drums, and developers, as well as printers, copiers, computers and monitors. We prepare these items for re-manufacturing where possible, and recycle components to minimize or even eliminate the amount of waste dispatched to landfills.

NDR drives down the cost of parts acquisition through component harvesting. We purposefully test, re-manufacture, repackage, and manage inventories of current, high-demand, and hard to source parts.

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