Certified Recycling and Component Harvesting

Highly Efficient Solutions to environmental compliance, salvage and recycling in one place here at National Depot Repair

NDR supports your business’ internal compliance programs and environmental best practices, by focusing on maximizing value and a financial return on your assets. We achieve this by offering a comprehensive solution for proper disposal and recycling of electronic components.

NDR Life Cycle Services collects thousands of expended, used, damaged, and surplus electronic products and consumables annually including print cartridges, imaging units, fusers, drums, and developers, as well as printers, copiers, computers and monitors. We prepare these items for re-manufacturing where possible, and recycle components to minimize or even eliminate the amount of waste dispatched to landfills.

NDR drives down the cost of parts acquisition through component harvesting. We purposefully test, remanufacture, repackage, and manage inventories of current, high-demand, and hard to source parts.

End of Life (EOL) Product Support

Products reach the end of their life cycle for a variety of reasons including market demands, or are replaced through technology innovations. NDR has the capacity to act as a facility to support your EOL product plans long after the published schedule of support ends. Let us show you how.